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Flawless. Brilliant. Love.

The intensity of light returned from your perfect diamond is the symbol of love.
Let Diana Labelle find you the perfect diamond.

Engagement Rings

Select from a wide variety of setting styles, then choose from a large selection of responsibly sourced Center Diamonds to complete your creation.  You can also custom create the ring of your dreams.

Wedding Bands

Find the diamond wedding band that perfectly complements your engagement ring for the set that’s uniquely you.  We carry traditional gold and platinum wedding bands, as well as alternative metals, such as tungsten and titanium.

Earrings, Necklaces, & Braclets

Nothing sparkles like diamond jewelry. Come in and look around at our select styles, shapes, and sizes.  Celebrate your special occasion with the perfect gift for your anniversary, milestone birthday, birth of a child, or graduation.


Let us help you pick the ring that will WOW her!

Everyone at Diana Labelle was so helpful. And happy for me. I want to thank David for working with me and giving me a great deal with in my budget.

Michael R

We Buy Gold & Diamonds

Service you can trust.

When you buy from Diana Labelle, you buy from a professional jeweler, someone you can trust. You are choosing a jewelry store and jewelers who have demonstrated a commitment to products knowledge, professionalism, and has an established reputation.

Free Gemstone Tightening

Precious metals are soft and can shift. Which is why we recommend you remove your jewelry while doing strenuous work with your hands. If your gems loosen from their mounting, let us know immediately and we will tighten them at no charge to you.

Cleaning and Sizing on Premises

Jewelry is meant to last a lifetime. It’s bound to need maintenance, just like anything you use repeatedly. As part of the Diana Labelle promise to you, when you visit us in Woodbridge, we will professionally clean or size your jewelry while you wait.

Diamond Upgrade

Do you want bigger and better? If you ever want to trade-up any of your diamonds purchased from Diana Labelle for larger or higher quality diamonds, there are plenty of options are available. Before pursuing any trade-up options you need to understand the process. Give us a call or come in with your jewelry.

Get ready to stand out

Our diamonds make lasting impressions.
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